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Science Degree & 2 Degrees
Hi guys! Helping a friend -- he has a BS in Management from ASU, but is considering a career change into teaching, specifically science or math (preferably science) and so is considering another Bachelor's in some kind of Science program. He's looking for the quickest way of obtaining a new Bachelor's degree, but would that be through testing out with Excelsor or TESU; I took a look at UMPI's MyPace catalog and it doesn't appear they have any kind of Science concentrations. Sad

I'm also curious if he could use some of the general ed credits he's already obtained with his first degree and apply them towards his second degree to move things along?

P.S. -- Damn, I wish I had this problem -- I'm still chugging along slowly, but surely on my first degree. Ha. Maybe I'll get there in the next 10 years.  Tongue
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For science and/or math, especially for a second degree, I think that TESU is the way to go. IIRC, Excelsior's requirements for second degrees can be a bit onerous.

With TESU, his current Bachelor's means that they'll wave the entirety of the gen ed portion. The only course he HAS to take at TESU is the capstone. That said, TESU's BS degrees don't really have any good alternate credit for the AOS. He'll need to choose one of the degrees on this page:

He could do a BA Math + BA Comp Sci for not much more than just the BA Math or the BA Comp Sci on its own. Especially if he's able to do a 16-credit-term at TESU.
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TESU is a great option as your first degree would remove some requirements to the Science degree. Having said that, the degrees offered at TESU are mainly BA degrees with only a handful of science related majors, such as Bio, CS, Math, Environmental Studies is somewhat related... Another option for your friend is to go the WGU Bachelors and/or Masters in Education, they are one I would also recommend you take a look at...

BTW, is your degree link up to date? I've seen that link before, you can complete the majority of your courses with combo. I would skip the courses in favor of, have you applied and got a newer evaluation for yourself? It'll come soon enough for your first degree! I suggest tackling the offerings first then focus on the remainder...
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Cross EC off the list. If someone already has a bachelor's degree, then EC is not your friend. EC requires a minimum of 30 ADDITIONAL UPPER LEVEL credits to be completed AFTER the first degree is conferred. This is problematic as most degrees don't have 30 UL credits to begin with.

WGU could also be an option. They have numerous teaching degrees including science.

Your friend also needs to check on the licensing requirements set by their state for teachers. ACE credits may not be acceptable for the science requirements.
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Hey, thanks so much for the help, friends!!

@bjcheung77 -- it's not up to date -- you and a few others gave me some great advice a few weeks ago or so on the updates I need to make, it's just been insane with work, but it'll slow down soon and I'll get back at it. Smile

Thanks again, friends!!
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Has your friend checked out the requirements for a teacher in the state he is planning to teach in.  Many states have alternative pathways for people who have a Bachelors degree already. He may need to take and pass a praxis test in the subject area. Some districts / states have pathways to mentor people into the education field. Your friend could possibly do that and then work on a Masters' degree while employed.
Check the state requirements before doing anything.

My state says you have to have 30 graded credits in your area of study. If that's the case, you aren't going to want to do alt-credit through any of the Big 3.

I'm not even sure WGU would work in that instance (they don't have graded credits). But they do have a Science and a Math degree.
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