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Second account for sending transcript
Hi All,

I have an old account a long time ago, and has completed a few courses, and then transferred my credits to TESU already.

I lost the old account, even the linked email address. So I  just created a new account linked with my new Gmail. My plan is to  take SDC courses using the new account and also send the transcript to TESU via the new account.

My question is: Is it ok to do so? Does anyone have prior experience? 

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It might be a better idea to email support and ask them for assistance on this one. I usually would recommend getting in contact with them and if they say it's alright to create a second account, go for it. If you have a second account, the main thing is, any work you have done will NOT show up on the second account... some courses have overlap and you'll be half way or more done with that course if you're on a single account. You can try emailing or whatever email address are available for them, I would also Private Message them as they log on the board somewhat often...
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Good suggestion bjcheung77!!!

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