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Self-Paced Masters, Micro Masters, and Portfolio Credit Questions
Once I have completed my undergraduate, I very definitely want to get a Masters Degree. Because of my crazy work schedule, I am limited to self-paced options. I'm initially looking at an MBA. But, I also have my eye on a graduate degrees Cyber Security as a secondary option.

I've read that some people have used EDx Micro Masters programs to get graduate credits and show themselves up academically up to the task of a masters degree at the likes of WGU if their initial application is declined. This, might be useful.

  • Are there other good self-paced options other than WGU at the graduate level with MBA and CyberSec degrees?
  • Are EDX Micromasters MBA Core or the Cyber Security option (as the case may be) generally portable credits?
  • I have read about some graduate programs accepting portfolio credit, but I haven't seen it in real life, is that a thing? Are any self-paced Masters programs known for accepting prior learning/portfolio credits?
  • Are CyberSec degrees less valuable over time, given the pace of change in the industry? Or, is that not really a problem?
Assuming you meet the minimum standards, WGU isn't going to decline your application. They are not competitive.

You should assume that the EDx credits are NOT portable. I would expect they would only be converted to college credit if you enter the program that they are designed for, and I doubt you would be able to transfer them anywhere else even after that. They could possibly help with an application to a competitive master's program, hard to say how much.
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By the way please do not use the edx micromaster graduate credit to transfer to WGU . It will qualify graduate credit if you get accept only to RITx master degree.
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