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Self Paced Online Community College Courses
Arizona recently passed a law allowing the CCs to start offering some bachelor's degrees as well.
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I'm pretty sure that Dinè College started out as just a community college for the local native population. Now, it has a handful of UL courses because they offer Bachelor's degrees as of 2020 or 2021. AND they're still only $55/credit! Sadly, most of these are synchronous courses. A lot are still face-to-face. Nothing self-paced.
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(01-12-2022, 04:11 AM)MNomadic Wrote: Arizona recently passed a law allowing the CCs to start offering some bachelor's degrees as well.

CA has several CC's offering bachelor's programs as well (15 colleges and 11 degrees); the issue is, you cannot take the UL courses unless you've completed all of the GE's and been accepted into the program - so it's not as if normal students can just go and take these courses.  They're also very limited in the number of students they accept (I think it's usually 30).

So while they HAVE UL classes, your chances of getting to take any are nil.
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