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Should I just apply to both TESC and Excelsior?
Hi all Smile

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do, so why not ask the experts right?? hilarious

I have some random credit/learning experiences that I'm hoping might atleast get me SOME credits, but since I can't tell for sure, should I just apply to both TESC and Excelsior and see which school awards more credit?

I am a certified EMT, completed the EMT course in 2001. I got my certification.
After that I completed the EMT-Paramedic course in 2003. Never got certified as a Paramedic.

I have 51 credits at a Court Reporting school here in Pittsburgh. Some are GenEd, like English 1 and 2, Literature, Legal Term, Intro to Computers, and then the rest are Court Reporting class hours. It's called the Academy of Court Reporting, I know it's accredited but not sure if the type of accreditation is accepted.

Hehe and I also have 20 FEMA credits. If I do go with TESC I won't have transfer them from raw form to get the credit for them (right?) but if I go with Excelsior I would have to have them transcribed by FCC first for $1200. The money isn't a huge deal, I just want to go with the school that will award me more credit.

Who do you think would give me more credit? Do I basically have to apply to both places in order to find out for sure? Nothing would make me happier than actually receiving credit for my 2 years in Court Reporting school. I never did become a court reporter, I couldn't stand it!!!

Oh, and what about Charter Oak? Never even thought of that......

thanks all!!!!

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Should I just apply to both TESC and Excelsior? - by killerkitty - 12-28-2007, 04:28 PM

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