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(11-28-2020, 08:42 PM)dfrecore Wrote:
(11-28-2020, 02:01 PM)dbinghamjr Wrote:
(11-05-2020, 04:03 AM)dbinghamjr Wrote: I got an evaluation back with some Sophia courses, in case anyone wants another data point. (College of Business, and I sent a Sophia transcript via Parchment directly)

Introduction to Ethics = C100 Introduction to Humanities
Human Biology = C165 Integrated Physical Sciences
US History I = C121 Survey of United States History
Macroeconomics = D089 Principles of Economics
Introduction to Business = D072 Fundamentals for Success in Business

And the evaluator left a note that Sophia's Accounting does not cover WGU's Principles of Financial & Managerial Accounting (which I expected).

Edit to add - Just noticed, they also did not take Sophia's Project Management for anything. The rest of the Sophia courses I took weren't relevant to my degree (or duplicates). They also didn't take CSMLearn (which is a partner, I could probably appeal that if I was still planning to attend).

Sophia's PM course is LL, so that's probably why it doesn't work?

As for CSMLearn, it counts as Applied Probability & Statistics at the College of Business only - no other "school" within WGU will accept it.  And if you already have Stats, then it won't work for you either.  I would definitely appeal it though if you need stats - it specifically says that it will transfer in.

Yeah I'm not surprised they don't accept PM from Sophia, just hadn't noticed until now.

My experience with WGU's enrollment staff + the lack of transfer credit (due to their lack of gen ed courses) led me to just go with TESU, or else I would definitely appeal the CSMLearn thing.
Bachelor of Liberal Studies, with a minor in Accounting (the University of Maine at Presque Isle, 2023e)

Arizona State (9cr): ENG 101, MAT 117, SOC 101
Bellevue U (6cr): BMAL 200, BMAL 210 (3cr): Business Ethics
Ivy Tech CC (11cr): APHY 101, COMM 102, HLHS 103, IVYT 112, MKTG 252
SMI Labs (3cr): The CSM Course
Sophia (70cr): Art History I/II, Accounting, Conflict Essentials (1cr), Effective Teams (1cr), Env. Science, Finance, Foundations of Algebra, Foundations of Stats (2cr), Human Bio, Intro to Business, Intro to College Math, Intro to Ethics, Intro to IT, Intro to Stats, Intro to Web Dev, Macro/Microeconomics, Philosophers, Project Management, Religions, US History I/II, Visual Comm, Workplace Comm (9cr): Bus 113, Bus 312, Com 102
UMPI (6cr): BUS 220, ENG 121

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