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Sophia partnership with Excelsior
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but, it looks like Sophia learning has a partnership with EC.  The only requirement is you need to complete two courses from Sophia to be eligible.  The benefit of the partnership is your $50 application fee will be waived.  In addition, there's other discounts that would only be applicable if you complete 12 credits online at excelsior...Which I'm not doing.  Here's the link.

I plan on utlizing the two free Sophia courses I took to get a free application and evaluation.  Depending on where/how all my credits fall, I might end up enrolling prior to 11/1 to avoid the new cornerstone requirement.

Has anyone ever enrolled under the online course option with the intent of not taking the 12 hours?  I definitely don't plan on taking 12 credit hours at EC but, to me it looks like a way out of paying the $1095 enrollment fee up front.  I realize I'll eventually have to pay it when I'm ready to graduate and hadn't met the credit requirement but, I like the idea of paying everything at the end...Similar to TESU.  Am I crazy or does this seem like a viable option?

Also, if I happen to take more than 1 year to complete, the partenership rate for an additional year is only $225.

I know most people here talk about Tesu, and they seem like a great school but, I'm going for the cheapest/easiest regionally accredited bachelor's I can get.  I'm open to suggestions if anyone thinks there's a better option.  By the way, my degree of choice is a bsba in general business for flexibility.
Big pet peeve when colleges don’t include fees into credit per hour rate

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(09-13-2019, 09:10 PM)harrypotter Wrote: Big pet peeve when colleges don’t include fees into credit per hour rate

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It helps them look more affordable.

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