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Straighterline - COM101 Intro to Communications
Thanks so much, everyone!!  I have ADHD/Anxiety and find public speaking to be terrifying, so this is wonderful to see.  I will happily knock out this course once I’m done with my current list of courses.
Sophia (3): Student Succ., Dev. Effective Teams, Managing Conflict 
Institutes (3): Ethics
TEEX (21): CS 101/201/301, Basic Property, Death Investigation, Fingerprint Comp. 
CSM (3): Quant 
CLEP (12): College Comp, Analyzing Lit. 
SL (21): Western Civ. I/II, Cultural Anthro, American Gov, Religion, US History II, Organizational Behavior
InstantCert (6): Astronomy, Environmental Science
Study (6): Pres Skills, History of Vietnam War, I/O Psychology (Started)

Credits Accepted: 67/120
(03-21-2018, 09:50 AM)ChilliDawg Wrote: Hello all,

I just finished the Straighterline Intro to Communications COM101 course.  I cannot recommend this course enough, if you need to finish up Public Speaking or any form of Communications class.  This was my very last class required to apply for June graduation at TESU.   I am so bad at Public Speaking as far as having anxiety in front of people, that I literally put off taking Public Speaking for my entire 10 year, part time college journey.  I had all of my Upper Level coursework done before I had even taken COM101.

In my opinion, Straighterline is the way to go on this class.  I have seen so many people here posting that they failed the DSST Public Speaking, and asking questions about contesting the results.  I really think you shold go this route, IMO.

I totally dragged my feet and got it done in 5 days. Could have done it in 3 days with a little more effort.  I completed the class with a 92, and that is taking into account that I didn't even remotely care about my Final Exam score. I blew through the proctored final in 16 minutes, and got a 70 on it, and still got a 92 in the class.  

I actually enjoyed writing my presentations.  I researched and wrote them in down time at work.  I work in an on-call, wait around for Emergency type of job. I wrote each presentation in no more than a couple of hours.   She gave me a 10/10 on my Intro. 98% on my Informative, and 98% on my Persuasive.  I used the built in webcam on my laptop, and the Camera program that is embedded in Windows 10.  Setting up a quick dummy Youtube page was relatively simple.  I submitted my videos as "unlisted".  I found the Instructor grading comments to be interesting and informative.  Really, a fun all around process to do this class.  

I am not saying that it is a lay-down or worthless class.  I am simply saying that it was really a lot more fun and fairly quick process, once I got rolling.  I wish I had not dragged my feet for so long.  

Hope this helps anyone that might be dreading Public Speaking, like I did.
Totally agree with you. Currently working on my Persuasive Presentation and I will be doing my final on Wednesday. Really good confidence builder.
#23 has Comm 120: Presentation Skills in the Workplace that has no speeches or assignments and still met my oral communications requirement at TESU.  It's NCCRS only, not ACE, but I found it to be a fun quick course.  I would check to see if it's still accepted for that requirement, but if so it's perfect for anyone with speech anxiety!  
TESU: BALS Capstone
SNHU CfA: Intro to Ethics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Argumentation & Communication, Intro to Mass Communications, Intro to Philosophy, World Lit I, Environmental Science, Business Communication, Principles of Management, Online Success, Skills for Business 
CLEP: Eng Comp Effective Teams, Managing Conflict, Ancient Greek Philosophers Personal Finance, Presentation Skills, Info Literacy, Intro to Computing, Earth Science, A History of Vietnam War, Intro to Political Science, American Government, Database Management, Info Systems, Physical Geology
CSM Learn: The CSM Course
TEEX: Cybersecurity 101 
Shmoop: History of Technology, Human Sexuality, U.S. History I & II, Classical Lit, The Bible as Lit, Psychology 101, Shakespeare's Plays, Professional Writing, Media Literacy, Journalism 101, Lit in the Media, Intro to E-Commerce
The Institutes: Ethics
TECEP: Computer Concepts and Applications
ALEKS: College Algebra

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