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Strategy Eval: Load up flat fee, then withdraw for no additional cost.
In terms of course length, I usually tell people the capstone is 80hrs +/- 20hrs. So that is why if you can write the capstone paper ahead of time, that's 20hrs of savings right there.

The Cornerstone is around 40hrs. If you can't test out of most of the MyLab stuff, then you might end up adding more hours.

Looking at the syllabus, I would guess your math history course would be 30hrs +/- 10hrs since it's all papers.

PLA course is 10hrs +/- 5hrs (All my papers were less than 300 words each)

The math courses are very dependent on the individual. One calculus course might be 40hrs for one person and 200 hours for another person. I saw that TESU lets you use graphing calculators, so that should help some.

If you can cherry-pick courses at TESU and find ones with either no exams or exams where it equals a small percentage of your total grade, then you can find courses that can be as little as 20 hours. Otherwise, most courses that are not math/science should range from 20-40hrs.

Also, one trick is to only do a 2 sentence response to all forum posts except for the capstone, which I would do more. This should be free 100% scores, so don't sweat forum postings. 

bjcheung77 mentions a typical butt-in-seat college course is 100-130 hours. When I did CC courses, they were around 80 hours each. Students who only study right before tests can get by with fewer hours though the recommended study time for non-math/science courses is around 2hr per credit hour,  which is about 100 hours exactly as bjcheung77 stated. For math/science courses, the most challenging courses could be 144 hours or more. So you are saving lots of time with TESU vs regular butt-in-seat college courses.

Withdrawing shouldn't affect your GPA. I don't know if that is shown on the transcript, though that shouldn't matter since people withdraw all the time.

You will need to have the capstone unlocked before you can register for it.

You seem to have a good plan since you are freerolling since really you won't lose money if you withdraw since you plan on taking 3 courses anyway.
Degrees: BA Computer Science, BS Business Administration with a concentration in CIS, AS Natural Science & Math, TESU. 4.0 GPA 2022.
Course Experience:  CLEP, Instantcert,,,,,,, and TEL Learning.
Certifications: W3Schools PHP (Completed), Google IT Support (In Progress), Google Digital Marketing (In Progress), Google Project Management (In Progress), Google Data Analytics (Maybe), Google UX Design (Maybe)
Thank you all!
@thecarrynothing, I see so withdrawals are fair game up till end of term with no impact?..
@Bjcheung77, in which case I don't even need to withdraw by 21 days, and not have to worry about later courses since I'm not getting my money back anyways is that right?
@LevelUp, wow really good information here regarding hours and 2 sentence post tip. I can see capstone already but I guess I need to register before I find out if I'm blocked from it.

I suppose in TESU there isn't a W grade as some universities do, this link was really helpful!(
I guess I'd be biting the bullet and crossing my fingers. Wish me luck and if there's any tip you think about pls don't hesitate to drop it in the thread. 

Hope this can be helpful for people who have never experienced a TESU course but were going to dive into anything >12 credits, I know it gives me a bit of relief knowing I can withdraw 1-2 courses without consequences if life gets in the way.
Currently: pursuing TESU BA in CS & Math
Pending 15 more credits required to finish: Calculus 3, x2 Math UL, SOS 101info literacy, LIB 495 Capstone.
(Deciding on biting the bullet and pay the residential waiver vs doing 16 credits in 1 or 2 terms to save $2-3k)

Target grad school: OMSCS, or UoTA MOCSO. (Contemplating research)

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