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Study.Com Pretests
(01-08-2019, 11:45 PM)Merlin Wrote: I believe the chapter tests and practice final exams will also clear related quiz questions, so even if the particular course doesn't have a placement test, you can sometimes use those as alternate means to get the same end result.

Either way, I always recommend that folks take the chapter tests after they complete lessons. Not only does it help reinforce what you learned in those chapters, but it is also a great way to prep for the final exam. The practice final exam pulls its questions from the chapter exams so to me, taking all the chapter exams is like an extended practice exam. However, you can also take the practice final exam if you like.

 On my first two courses I completely skipped the chapter tests since many of the questions are simply repeated from the graded quizzes that I've already completed. What I didn't realize until today when I tested this is that completing the chapter tests can clear out quizzes in subsequent lessons. Thanks so much for this tip!
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