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Quick question!

Most SDC courses are 300 points broken up into three categories: Quizzes, Assignments, and an Exam.

Say you get 100 points on the quzzes and an 80 on the Exam. There are three assignments worth 30, 35, and 35 points. Can you just do one assignment and get all 30 points on it and finish the class? Do you have to submit blank papers for the other two assignments to finish?

You are correct on the math. 300 70% = 210 min
However, it is likely they will not accept a blank paper. Especially now they have quite a bunch of papers to grade, I'd suggest you at least make a small effort as not to have to re-do it. Follow the rubric if you do. If you do submit a blank, some others have suggested having it say something like "this is a blank paper, please grade". Otherwise the might think it was by accident.
I think you are missing out on a part of the learning experience by submitting a blank.

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