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I'm about half way through the quizzes and I'm seeing how much math is actually being asked about in the quizzes, I thought it would be more about the practical use of statistics in Business to steer the business in the correct direction.

My question for those of you who have finished this at, is the final really intense on the calculations or is it more general knowledge in regards to these different statistics applications. Any insight in the matter would be appreciated.
I haven't done this course at SDC, but I have done other courses. This includes Discrete Math, which has a good portion of general stats. The questions tend not to be super math-heavy, but you should make sure you have a good physical (non-graphing) calculator available. I used one similar to the Casio FX-115, so several stats formulas were built-in. I just needed to know how to implement them.

Also, make sure you take the practice exam 2-3 times. The questions on the real exam will be different, but they're generally close enough that you should score within about 10% of what you get on the practice exams. Take it 2-3x because there is a large pool of questions to draw from. You might get 90% on one practice exam, then the next one pulls from a different subset of questions and you get 50 or 60 percent.
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