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Is it possible to take all the credits from Also should i complete my teex cybersecurity courses cuz i saw that it was Provisionally Approved. I need a degree plan at the lowest cost.
No, it is not possible to get all credits from From a single source TESU takes up to 90 cr. A total of 114 cr can be transferred (if they fit correctly), the corner and capstone always need to be taken at TESU.
If you need a degree plan with the lowest cost and tesu are not your cheapest options.
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(11-04-2019, 10:02 AM)natshar Wrote: If you need a degree plan with the lowest cost and tesu are not your cheapest options.
I know they are not the cheapest options. When i saw that tesu could not be able to accept some of the credit providers i started to worrying a bit. But i wanna complete my degree at tesu and at the lowest price. My budget is 12.000 dollars at maximum and for everything such cleps, capstones etc.
You can easily complete a CS degree at TESU for less than $10k, even using as your main course provider for 90cr. But they are certainly not going to be the cheapest option. You may want to start with TEEX, then move to CLEP using Modern States as your study tool and to get free exams, then move to a few others (OnlineDegree, Saylor), then finish up with
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Here's a TESU CS plan that uses SDC for the AOS. You can fill in the rest with plenty of SDC choices, just keep the SDC total under 90 credits.

.xls   TESU BA Computer Science 2019-5.xls (Size: 19.5 KB / Downloads: 89)
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For 12k I'd do WGU...

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TEEX (5 Cr) Aleks (9 Cr)  ED4Credit (3 Cr) CPCU (2 Cr) (39 Cr)

TESU (4 cr)
TT B&M (46 Cr)  Nations University  (9 cr)  UoPeople: (3 cr) Penn Foster: (8 cr)  

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