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I am a bit confused (as usual). I am looking at the requirements for the classes at as well as looking at past threads here. If one gets 210/300 points (70%) is that a pass for the class? On their website it says a passing score is 70% on the final but I don't know if that's a final exam score, or the total score after the final exam.
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Yes, 210 or more points passes the whole course. If you get 100 on the quizzes, you only need 56% or better on the final to pass.
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To add to the confusion.....also note that some schools may want higher percentage to accept the credit. example, COSC wants 80% overall score (that means 240/300 for SDC) to accept credit from this provider.
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You basically want to get over 70% for everything, but of course, somethings happen, so you try to get the max on the quizzes, final, and assignments. Another example is UMass Global (previously Brandman), they require 81.5% on the course to get ACE credit transfer, it's slightly more than the 80% at COSC, the bulk of the institutions accepting ACE remain at 70% for the final course grade percentage. Offer
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