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Study resources for Saylor courses
I'm almost finished with my XAMK certificate and I want to start looking at doing other courses during December. I didn't financially plan that I would start with other courses during December hence why a subscription for SDC or Sophia is not possible atm. I was looking at doing 1 or 2 classes through Saylor, that I would have taken at SDC to maybe lower the cost. 

The classes are (in order of importance): 
1) POLSC221: Introduction to Comparative Politics (gen ed requirement)
2) BUS210: Corporate Communications (comes in as UL course) 

I'm planning on doing a few free courses from Metropolia and XAMK during January so I most likely won't be renewing any subscription in Jan, so if I have time I'll also look into doing these courses through Saylor as well:

3) CS101: Introduction to Computer Science 1 (CS elective)
4) BUS203: Principles of Marketing (UL business course)
5) BUS204: Business Statistics (UL business course)
6) ENVS203: Environmental Ethics, Justice, & world views (for fun/Natural Science elective)
7) BUS205: Business Law (If I'm bored)
8) BUS208: Principles of Management (UL business course)

The above mentioned courses are not something I'll DEFINITELY do, but rather courses I'll consider if I have time. 

Now for the real question: For number 1 and 2, where can I find study resources. I really hate Saylor's layout and it makes studying very difficult for no reason. Is anyone aware of other sources that I could use to study for the direct credit exams?

I've already enrolled into POLSC221 and I already don't like how the content is formatted. "Read Unit 1 from this research paper." "Watch this video". "Read Unit 2 from this other research paper". It's all over the place and not coherent at all, hence why I'm looking for other study resources.
In progress:
XAMK: Video Game Creation certificate (8/13 courses completed)
Metropolia: Multiple Courses (In Progress: IT Services Sales and Marketing)

Sophia: 62 credits
i-to-i: 180-hour TEFL certificate (DEAC- accredited)

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