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Swine Science
"For the pork professional"  (I couldn't resist)
Why Swine Science Online May Be What You Are Looking For | Pork Business
Courses cost $430/credit.

That’s living high on the hog for most people on here, I think. Wink
BA, UMPI.  Accounting major; Business Administration major/Management & Leadership concentration.  Awarded Dec. 2021.

In-person: BA (history, archaeology)
In-person: MA (American history)

Sophia: 15 courses (42hrs)
It all might be just a lot of hogwash.
This school might be hog heaven for some folks.
Degrees: BA Computer Science, BS Business Administration with a concentration in CIS, AS Natural Science & Math, TESU. 4.0 GPA 2022.
Course Experience:  CLEP, Instantcert,,,,,,, and TEL Learning.
Certifications: W3Schools PHP (Completed), Google IT Support (In Progress), Google Digital Marketing (In Progress), Google Project Management (In Progress), Google Data Analytics (Maybe), Google UX Design (Maybe)
[Image: OIP.O13AqGlvqeYl3fy-vYUAsQHaE8?w=238&h=1....3&pid=1.7]
Something about "The U.S. Pork Center of Excellence" makes me wanna take a course

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