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TECEP Thanatology
Hello, all I thought I would post a bit of feedback on TESC Thanatology test I just took. I grabbed the free syllabus and practice test off the TESC site and checked out the recommended textbook from my library. I was very prepared by skimming through the book and taking notes on the topic in the syllabus. Also, I noted about 5 questions off the practice test were on the actual test so pay close attention to them. The only extra thing I would recommend looking into is the "Five Wishes" program on the dying with dignity website. They asked a few questions about the program. This test is VERY do-able for a psych major like myself. Also, I took this test as a TECEP through my local library as a proctor. Look out! It was an awful subject to study for me (dying children case studies etc...) and on-top of that they charge you a $450 fee!
Thanks for the info. TESC is providing this course to me via Navy College PACE program. I was thinking to take the TECEP English 201 and 202, seeing that I failed the CLEP and I need 6 more credits for my residency requirement. One question, is the textbook they recommend for taking this test enough or is there more studying involved? Thanks
[COLOR="DimGray"]Intro to World Religions 68
Social Science and History 60
Principles of Statistics 60
Western Civilization I 58
Intro to Sociology 55
Astronomy 54
Technical Writing 54
Humanities 50
College Composition 50[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]C Programming - C
Electronic Instrumentation and Control - A
War and American Society - A
International Economics - A
Calculus II - B[/COLOR]
I only used the recommended text book: Death, Society, and Human Experience. I think the book actually has too much information. The case study chapters had nothing to do with my test. If you read through the book and take notes you should pass this test. It was about as hard as a Psych CLEP test, but not as hard as an ECE Psych test.

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