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TECEP cost
Hi everyone, I searched but got so many results and could not find the answer. Can you please tell me the latest news on TECEP cost for LL credits? 

The TESU website still says TECEP LL is $50 per credit. is that right still?

thank you all  Heart
I have no reason to believe that is incorrect.
That is the latest price. LL TECEP's, until recently, were $25/cr, so $75 each. They just got changed to $50/cr to $150 each. As of July 1 I think.
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That is pricey in comparison to the CLEP exam.
If there's a CLEP version of the exam you need, in most situations that would make a lot more sense over the TECEP. But there are TECEP options that CLEP doesn't have.
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It's cheaper than Uexcels (which you have to drive for anyway) and since you can take Teceps at home with a webcam, it makes sense to do it that way if you live far from a CLEP testing center. My closest one is an hour away, which is why I have barely any Clep credits. My closest Uexcel site is 40 min.

Also if you're going to TESU using student aid or a scholarship or whatever, you can use that to pay for TECEPs instead of paying for them out of pocket, so there's that too. It makes sense for some people and doesn't for others, just like anything else. - 120 CR. TESU - 27 CR. Middle Georgia State University - 15 CR. COSC - 6 CR. Excelsior - 6 CR. CLEP - 6 CR. Sophia - 2 CR. TEEX - 2 CR. Shmoop - 18 CR. NFA - 4 CR. The Institutes - 2 CR. FEMA - 20ish

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