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TEEX Cyber 101, 201, 301 (grouping, recommendation?)

I wanted to ask about the TEEX cyber security courses. I'm getting a BSBA from TESU with a Finance AOS. Are the TEEX cyber courses recommended for this degree plan? I haven't been able to understand some of the posts that mentioned these credits being grouped. I'm not sure if those references apply to these courses or not. Do the TEEX cyber courses have any additional benefit that comes with them like a certification?

This may be unrelated, but I was also wondering about what the "badges" are that are referenced in some other posts. I believe those were associated with Credly. Too much in one post here, sorry, but is Credly/Acclaim the same?

Thank you.
Current: UMPI YourPace competency-based BABA, Management & Leadership Concentration, Project Management and Management of Information Systems Minors. Starting with 15 RA credits previously earned in community college. Took the CSM Learn course. Now going through Sophia courses.
Goal: Walden TEMPO competency-based MBA.
Timeline: Started planning mid 2021. Finish both, Jan 2023. A year and a half total, including planning. Started planning on TESU, but was advised towards UMPI to take advantage of financial aid. I'm now excited to finish completely competency-based.
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Thanks to everyone, and happy studying!  Smile
To partially address your concerns:
First, I don't think that these courses will apply to your AoS. They may be able to work somewhere as electives, and I'll let one of the experts weigh in on that.
The content and technology of the TEEX cyber courses is now quite dated. If you're interested in them, I recommend getting them done ASAP.
Credly Acclaim is the company currently operating the ACE digital transcript system. They formerly went by Acclaim, but now mainly use the Credly name. Unlike a traditional transcript, their service is built on social badges for completed items.
Under the old ACE system, the TEEX cyber courses could be transcribed as the ten individual courses or three groups. Currently, there are problems getting TESU to accept TEEX courses via Credly. One method known to sometimes work is to ask TEEX for both sets of badges and see what TESU does.
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