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TEL Library?
(03-13-2019, 08:34 PM)shadowgem Wrote:
(03-13-2019, 06:49 PM)cookderosa Wrote: They were JUST at a homeschool conference, I've fielded 3 questions about them this week in my homeschool group. I see absolutely no reason to even consider their credits- even if they were free (they're not) because you can't do anything with them. If they want to play in this market, they need to pursue ACE or NCCRS.

I was just going to ask if they had either ACE/NCCRS since I could not find them listed in either database. It is a shame that they have not pursued ACE/NCCRS accredidation since they do seem to be working on a few unique course offerings such as religious studies and foreign language courses that I have not seen offered by other alt credit providers. The science courses state in the FAQ that they do not have a lab component and are only theory based, but in the course description they say do have a lab component so that also is not very clear. 

The information they provide seems very misleading. They seem to be almost implying that students would be dual enrolling with Excelsior for credits taken with TIL curriculum. They even state "Our partners represent a large network of institutions that will give credit for their courses." with a further disclaimer that ultimately it would be up to the college or university they attend to decide whether the credit would fit inside of their degree program. This would lead me to believe they had a similar arrangement as the Westcott/Branderman dual credit program, but I am assuming that this is not the same situation thing they are providing/selling. Would Excelsior even award college credit for these courses if you planned to earn your degree there?

My guess -and I do mean guess, because I can't find anything in writing!- is that they have a 1 way partnership with Excelsior. It feels to me like the partnership that EdX has with ASU or that OnlineDegree has with Excelsior, though OnlineDegree has upped their game and obtained NCCRS approval. EdX / ASU is a one-way agreement, I've watched and waited for them to expand and they just haven't.

The wording/quote is typical ACE/NCCRS lingo, probably word for word, but you won't find any mention of ACE or NCCRS on their site, and they aren't in either database.

Is it possible that they might be.... lying? Misleading advertising? <gasp> I have a list of 2 other companies that mislead you to think you can get college credit with them.

There are a lot of people hoping to earn a quick buck, I hope that's not this. Maybe they are under evaluation for approval, but if imo, no one should give them a penny unless/until they become legit.
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Homeschooling for College Credit

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