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TESU Alumni - Can you logon to OSS/My Edison?
Question for you who have graduated?  Can you log into OSS/My Edison when you already have completed your Bachelors and don't have any other associates or bachelors within your account?  Do they keep your account active for a year or something?

In other words, if your account no longer is active as a student (you may have graduated, placed it on hold because you're going to be away from the country, etc) do they freeze the account?

If you can't access OSS/My Edison any longer, what's the easiest way to get it reactivated? Just add a degree into your profile and keep the account open with a recent TECEP?  Or would it be better to pay the $70/75 enrollment renewal fee?

I am asking for a friend, I should be answering these but I am brain dead (head cold/flu whatever this headache and cough is), been in bed for the long weekend.
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I lost access a few months after I graduated with my BSBA (& ASNSM).  I did have another degree program (with official evaluation) added shortly before graduating (BA Psychology and ASNSM Biology); but it did not keep my login active for myEdison.  I do however still have access to OSS when i log into it directly; however my evaluation for the BA Psychology/ASNSM Biology appears to be no longer active (also, I cannot run a What If). The only thing I can view besides my profile (status shows inactive) is my unofficial transcript; everything else gives me an ERROR or INACTIVE status warning.

As far as what it would take to become active again - that I cannot help you with. I would try sending an email to advising; and make sure you make it clear that you're an alumni (as becoming active again could likely be a different process for TESU graduates)
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OSS is still active, but I need to change my password on OSS pretty much everytime i want to access MyEdison. The two passwords are linked, but OSS doesn't require you to change it, and MyEdison's expires regularly.

If you have access to OSS, reset your password there and try myEdison again with that new password. You should be good.
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