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TESU BALS Degree Plan Course Help
I put together this degree plan, just need help filling in the blanks with quick/easy courses to fulfill requirements.

Looks like if I stay with TESU, I'll have to take the SOS-110(12 week course) and the Capstone. Are any of the others requiring something similar, or would it be better to transfer after knocking out a few courses?

Also, I sent in my CLEP for Analyzing & Interpreting Lit(6 credits) but for some reason it isn't on my TESU evaluation.

Any and all help is appreciated!

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As far as the CLEP being missing, there either hasn't been enough time for TESU to evaluate it, or more likely given the number of transcripts I see represented in your eval, you've used up the two "evaluations" you're allowed before you become an enrolled student.
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You are correct. I remember now that the Hill College and CLEP transcripts got there after the second eval. I called them about the Hill but forgot to mention the CLEP. They marked the Hill courses as "Pending Completion" until I enroll.
There are way too many things that would fit in your blank spots, plus what's easy for one person doesn't mean it's easy for another.

Charter Oak would probably take more credits if you did the BSLA. BS in Liberal Arts rather than BA in Liberal Arts - TESU only offers a BALS, leaving 27cr for Free electives, COSC's BSLA takes 60cr of non-liberal arts "free electives".

COSC is also cheaper, by about $2000 for a degree (from scratch). If you have more courses that will be accepted by them, then you'll save even more.

Both schools require a Cornerstone and Capstone taken from them.
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This is true.

Think I will apply to COSC and see what will transfer with them as well.

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