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TESU BALS Questions
Hey guys, I was just going through my evaluation online vs the one i printed out with my advisors plans from earlier this year. Everything is in different I asked they be moved back. With COVID i had to change my plans a lot,so I was just double checking what is left etc. As I was looking at my electives section and i saw BUS304 comes in to TESU as LDR-345 Leading Organizational Change.. Does anyone know if you can use this course as a upper level liberal studies elective?? I cant find the thread talking about business counting for UL or not. I have another upper level management class thats slotted as a general elective. I essentially have 1 upper level LS elective left, if neither of these two classes cant be moved to fill it, my TECEP ENG 102(retaking it missed it by 10 but was sick during the test), and the 2 tesu required classes to grad. so im trying to double check on if i can move stuff around and take something easier. I havent heard from my advisor still....
No, that can't be used in the BALS AOS, it's not a liberal arts course. A few "business" courses ARE also liberal studies, like Organizational Behavior, Business Ethics, Leadership Communication, I/O Psychology, etc.
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Hmm, could you copy/paste your evaluation? I think you've done that already but I can't seem to find that previous post. If the catalog year hasn't changed at all, then it should go into the same field it was before unless you changed degree programs to something else in the same school. For example, your requirements will differ if you had say a BALS with no concentration to now a BALS with a Humanities concentration, or a BALS with a Social Science concentration.

Technically the courses shouldn't be changed all that much and your No concentration should hit either of those other two, unless it's closer to something else like the BALS NSM. Final note: Some LDR courses can be used for BALS as it may hit the Humanities or Social Science concentration, I am not sure if that course does though. But if it was originally in your BALS No Concentration, it should remain in the BALS No Concentration.

OK, nevermind - I did a bit of digging from your previous posts. I think I know you're going for the BALS with No Concentration from your previous thread: and you should have just completed the Cornerstone/Capstone from this thread:

You're my hero! Gasp! I need dibs on the Liberal Arts Capstone LIB-495! <give me, give me, always gets? haha, JK> Anyways, on a serious note, you should already be done with your UL, with Coopersmith, Davar, or TECEP that you selected. If you can get them to move the LDR back to the No Concentration area as an upper level, again you should be done. Just give them a screenshot or proof that course was in the field beforehand and request it to be moved back into that spot.
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