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TESU BALS with no concentration
Didn't see an updated list of UL courses from with fewer or zero essays.

Or any low cost course that transfers as UL.

(Including Sophia and TEEX)
I think all of the UL have essay (or some kind of assignment). SDC lists the assignments so we can preview and decide. I also wanted fewer/shorter essays route. I don't have a full list of all options. Eng 305 has 1 essay. Industrial/organizational psych 301 had one essay. Those courses were interesting to me so I took those. They met my needs. I stopped thinking about which other SDC courses could work. However, I took a moment to help on this thread and reviewed the transfer guide on SDC site and looked at assignments. You might look at AOJ juv. justice (2 essays but both are smaller size). don't overlook courses like managerial communications (listed in business at SDC, but shows up on TESU in knowledge of human cultures, double check with advisor and registrar of course) as that has one mid size essay and 1 short video presentation.

oh, just saw the edit:
tesu/sophia: only LL.
tesu and TEEX: does a course in death investigations sound like fun? low cost. UL in AOJ category (social science section)
tesu takes coopersmith for some lower cost options (150 plus proctor U fee of 18). You might ask coopersmith directly what the final exam is like (some are all multiple choice the way a clep/dsst is, while others are some m/c combined with some short answer essay (not full essay, but well developed paragraph to answer the question). I enjoyed sports and exercise psychology (I volunteer in that field), and stress management course from coopersmith.

I'd encourage you to take some time on the SDC transfer guide to scroll through for UL in subjects that fit Humanities and Social sciences at TESU. Look at the assignments. You can see those without being logged in (in case that wasn't known). See which ones fit your preferences for number of and length of assignments and interest you in topic. For BALS no conc, look for courses that transfer in with Communication, English, Leadership, History (most essays on that so probably not what you want), Criminal Justice (the Juvenile justice course), Sociology (example, the socioloy of work has 2 essays, but they are not the longer word count), Psych. Some are hidden in business but transfer in with Communications or Psych. Look for what is interesting enough to get 'er done
TESU: BALS coming soon…. Comm Coll: 24 credits,  CLEP: 36 credits,  Institutes (3), Sophia (29), TEEX(3 UL, 7 LL), Coopersmith (6 UL), SDC (6 UL)

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Thanks. Right now my major is BA in History at TESU but I already have some other courses that when I check the "what if" on TESU put me at fewer courses needed towards completion with the BALS, but didn't know it could be without concentration. That allows more choice/variety with the courses required for completion.

The history courses have a ton of essays.

12 if I recall right for all UL history courses.

I do not mind a few essays but 12 feel like a lot.

The TEEX death investigation sounds interesting.

In a way just exploring my options, things have slowed down a little, and if I can take some courses while I slowly complete the other ones, who knows.

I am working on all essays offline right now, plus all business courses on sophia and the last 3 free TEEX courses remaining on my list.

Yes veered a little off course but started enjoying the business courses which I would have not taken otherwise without the Sophia deal.

Is CYB-421 1 credit UL from TEEX?
I'm not sure which course name is cyb 421. and the new format of the ACE national guide is giving me issues with loading to look things up.
death investigation online is 3 credits UL and it's FSA 114 on TEEX's numbering.

ps. Ah, yes. CYB 421 is the TESU numbering not teex number. yes, Risk Management AWR 177 (teex) is 1 UL credit and comes in to tesu with cyb 421. I don't know if that is eligible in the BALS area of study or not.
TESU: BALS coming soon…. Comm Coll: 24 credits,  CLEP: 36 credits,  Institutes (3), Sophia (29), TEEX(3 UL, 7 LL), Coopersmith (6 UL), SDC (6 UL)

Per reports from other users, AWR177 comes into TESU as CYB-421 and would thus be 1 UL credit.
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Thanks. I completed it months ago and is on my evaluation. But forgot in which category it falls in for the BALS.
The essays aren't really that bad.

I can bang out 3 essays in a day if I had to, usually, I take 2-3 days to do them.  They aren't that picky on grading them.

The hardest part was usually getting a full understanding of the essay requirements and following the rubric.  The instructions tend to be detailed and lengthy.
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I admire the skill to write that much in a day. Agreeing the SDC essays aren't hard and not pages and pages. And for one class I wrote the essay while my account was paused. That helped me with time pressure and life at the time (death in family).
TESU: BALS coming soon…. Comm Coll: 24 credits,  CLEP: 36 credits,  Institutes (3), Sophia (29), TEEX(3 UL, 7 LL), Coopersmith (6 UL), SDC (6 UL)

I am working on essays offline too.

I read somewhere in this forum that some were able to submit essays after taking final. Is it possible to do it that way?
(10-02-2020, 12:17 PM)Lacedonia4 Wrote: I am working on essays offline too.

I read somewhere in this forum that some were able to submit essays after taking final. Is it possible to do it that way?

You just submit the essays after the final. There is no order.

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