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TESU Evaluation Complete, This is how all my credits transferred
BA Liberal Studies: No Concentration

A. Intel & Pract Skills

Written Communication:
ENC-101 English Composition I   3.00 (Sophia)
ENC-102 English Composition II  3.00 (Sophia)

Oral Communication:
COM-209 Public Speaking  3.00 (Sophia)

Quantitative Literacy:
MAT-103 General Math II  3.00 (Clep - College Math)

B. Civ & Global Ldrshp

Diversity Intercultural Literacy:
SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology  3.00 (Clep)

Ethical Leadership:
PHI-287 Ethics in America  3.00 (

Civic Engagement:
POS-110 American Government  3.00 (Clep)

C. Knowledge of Human Cultures:
ECO-111 Macroeconomics     3.00 (Clep)
ECO-112 Microeconomics      3.00 (Clep)
PSY-101 Intro to Psychology  3.00 (Clep)
HIS-113 American History I   3.00  (Clep)

D. Understanding the Physical and Natural World
COS-101 Introduction to Computers   3.00 (Clep-Information Systems)
BIO-101 Introductory Biology            3.00  (Sophia- Human Biology)

E. General Electives:
MAT-102 General Math I                   3.00 (Clep-College Math)
HIS-114 American History II             3.00 (Clep)
ART-166 History of Western Art I      3.00 (Sophia)
ART-167 History of Western Art II     3.00 (Sophia)
MAT-121 College Algebra                 3.00 (Aleks)
PHI-226 Ancient Greek Philosophy    3.00 (Sophia)

2. Liberal Studies
A: Upper Level
PSY-350 Abnormal Psychology         3.00 (Coopersmith)

B: Liberal Studies 
LIT-292 Analysis and Interpretation of Lit II  3.00 (Clep)
LIT-291 Analysis and Interpretation of Lit     3.00 (Clep)
PSY-211 Developmental Psychology             3.00 (Clep-Human Growth & Development)
REL-277 Intro to World Religions                 3.00 (
ENS-200 Environmental Science                  3.00 (Sophia)

MAR-201 Introduction to Marketing             3.00 (Clep)
MAN-210 Principles of Management            3.00 (Clep
BUS-101 Intro to Business                         3.00 (Sophia)
COM-231 Two-Dimensional Design             3.00 (Sophia-Visual Design)
ACC-101 Princ. of Financial Accting             3.00 (Sophia)
STA-201 Principles of Statistics                   3.00 (Sophia)
MAN-235 Intro to Project Management       3.00 (Sophia)
COM-299 Special Topics Communications    3.00 (Sophia-Conflict Resolution)
HRM-215 Leadership                                 1.00 (Sophia-Developing Effective Teams)
SOS-240 Conflict Resolution                       1.00 (Sophia-Managing Conflict)

Just  thought I'd post this for anyone wondering how these credits transfer. The two one credit classes are useless. Wonder if I can take the free TEEX Cyber-Security for Everyone for my last elective since I only need one? Does anyone know of any TEEX upperlevel courses?
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