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TESU - Frustated Rant
I have only taken three courses directly from TESU and I am starting to remember why. I logged in today to get everything ready for the proctored final only to find out the link on the Moodle page is broken. I am taking auditing ACC-411 and the course has been a nightmare. There is far too much information covered for one semester. Stressed and expecting to get a C in the course I was looking forward to getting the final completed so I could focus on my Intermediate Accounting II final due at the end of the week. Now I can look forward to two finals on Friday.  Angry 

I love TESU transfer flexibility, but if I had it to do over I would avoid them like the plague.
TESC 2015 - BSBA, Computer Information Systems

TESC 2019 - 21 Post-bachelor accounting credits
Avoiding taking courses there is the key to your problem. Why not just take them somewhere cheaper??
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I've learned to avoid taking courses at non-traditional schools. They tend to require a lot of busy work.
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After a very frustrating morning I am happy to report that TESU resolved the problem quickly and ProctorU allowed me to reschedule for immediate testing once the problem was resolved. Most of my anxiety came from the quantity of information contained in the auditing course and a disruption of my plan. I am getting old and cranky. 

In regards to cheaper alternatives, I agree there are better options. I am trying to improve my transcripts by having more courses from the issuing institution. At least that was the plan before this session. Next week I start a government accounting course at APUS. I have my complaints with them as well, but the cost is almost half as much as TESU. Thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel. After my midterm on Friday, I only have two classes left to finish the second degree. There will be no Master's degree in my future. I don't have the people skills or emotional maturity for management.

Thank you for putting up with my tantrums Degreeforums folks. Smile

The Useful Information:
If you are schedule for an exam at TESU, be sure to verify you can get to the exam launch page well before you are scheduled to take the exam. If you receive an error, call the support number at TESU and ask them to have a look. They were able to fix something on the back end for me in less than 3 minutes.
TESC 2015 - BSBA, Computer Information Systems

TESC 2019 - 21 Post-bachelor accounting credits

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