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TESU Information Literacy Replacement
So, I see on TESU's website that there's conflicting information. They say that you have to take SOS-110 Critical Information Literacy from TESU directly. However, on their CLEP equivalency page, at the very very bottom, there's a + sign that says "Able to fulfill Information Literacy requirement for those in Catalog year 2018 or earlier" and relates up to the CLEP test "Analyzing & Interpreting Literature *†  LIT-291 Analysis & Interpretation of Literature AND LIT-292, Analysis & Interpretation of Literature II"

Even though it doesn't directly relate to SOS-110, it says that.

So... has anyone verified this? Has anyone taken that and know this to be the case? I'd totally replace a several hundred dollar class with a free (via modern states) clep test!
Note the the key phrase here "2018 catalog or earlier" SOS 110 is a rather new requirement and students on older catalogs used to not have to take it. The information literacy requirement for students on older catalogs could be fulfilled by SOS-110 or a variety of courses and SOS-110 was simply one of many options to meet this requirement. So students used to use CLEP, ACE, etc. However, as of all July 1, 2019 SOS-110 became the only way to meet this requirement.

The only way you can get out of taking SOS-110 at TESU:

1. Already have a bachelors degree from a regionally accredited US institution
2. Are on an older catalog and have already taken TES-100 or got wavier. (Note: if somehow you are are an older catalog and never met the cornerstone requirement or got a waiver; everyone was forced to take SOS-110 after July 1, 2019)

If none of these apply to you, you must take SOS-110 at TESU in order to graduate.

Also, there is no need to plan a course to meet the "information literacy" gen ed requirement as SOS-110 is the ONLY option.
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Oh, D'oh. I misread that like 5 times as "2018 or LATER"...

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