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TESU - International Student - Fast Track to BSBA with 160 credits
Hello everyone,

I have been reading through a lot of topics on the forum hoping to find some guidance but I think my case is rather unique. Seeing all the support that the community is giving, I hope that you guys can help me out as well.

Quick Background: I studied Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration in Germany for 6 years but never finished my Diploma. I dropped out to pursue a once in a lifetime opportunity working in the U.S.. Not having a degree is now catching up with me in regards to advancing within the company. I have been working in Procurement for the last 6 years and want to get a BSBA as quickly as possible.

I have decided to with TESU and have filed my application which is currently being processed. TOEFL is done and the credential evaluation is also completed. TESU should hopefully get back to me soon with accepting my application and telling me which credits I can transfer.

Here now the situation. Per the evaluating agency I have 160.5 credits. From what I read I would only be allowed to carry over 90 credits. Is that correct? If so, would paying the residency waiver reduce the remaining credits needed to graduate to 14 credits?

Could someone give some guidance on what classes I would have to take to get the BS as soon as possible? Any Bachelor in Business Administration would suffice. Attached the list of credits I have.


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Paying the residency waiver does not gain you any credits. You will still need 30 credits.
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