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(11-21-2020, 04:28 AM)Merlin Wrote:
(11-20-2020, 07:21 PM)bingo1 Wrote: Oh ok thats fine. Can anyone share their experience with WGU? How are the online classes? How many credits did you take at a time?

I completed my BSBA at TESU and immediately enrolled at WGU for an MBA.

The online courses are kind of a mix between Straighterline and TESU. WGU provides access to textbooks and other study materials. They also provide a study plan for each course that covers all the competencies that are required and the chapters to read or cases to study to learn everything. So, if you read through and study everything they provide, that is enough to pass the course. However, each course also has instructors who provide lectures (called "cohorts") that cover different subjects. Their job is to help you narrow in on what you'll really need to meet the requirements of each competency in order to pass course exams or successfully complete papers. Some of the teachers will also provide additional prep materials in the way of practice exams or additional resources that can also help with studying. Many teachers record these cohorts and upload them so you can review old cohorts rather than having to attend the live ones. This is super helpful for accelerators.

In terms of difficulty, if you managed to complete your TESU capstone (particularly the BSBA) without sweating too much, you won't have any issues at WGU, as the level of work is roughly the same.

Speed wise, it depends on a number of factors, but prior knowledge is the most important one. The more you know, the faster you'll be able to move through the material and get to the exam or the papers/project/presentation required. According to WGU, 80% of students finish their MBA within 4 terms (8-9 credits per term). Most accelerators complete an MBA within 2-3 terms (12-18 credits per term). Some extreme accelerators are able to finish in a single term (34-35 credits per term), but that usually requires coming in with a lot of prior knowledge, a ton of free time (being a full-time student), and/or just being exceptionally gifted at learning quickly.

So please don't go into this expecting to finish an MBA in a single term! Graduate-level work is no cakewalk. I've seen many examples of people signing up for a degree at WGU with a "one term" mindset thinking it must be easy and then end up disappointed at having to pay for additional terms (or dropping out completely). If you think you'll be able to accelerate, plan for 2-3 terms and aim for 1-2, that way if you get done faster you'll feel all the better. If you don't, you'll already have planned for the additional time and expense.

Thanks much appreciated for the info. I'm still confused between two master degree Cybersecurity or MBA. I will finish TESU with Aviation Maintenance Technology. Still debating between which masters would be benefical for me.

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