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TESU enrolment with TECEP rules
Thanks guys, locking this thing in Wink, took computer concept for march

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UPenn MCIT (Accepted, see story here).
TESU BSBA, 2018.
TESU ASNSM in Computer Science, 2018.
(02-09-2019, 09:08 AM)posabsolute Wrote: I used to think you must pass the tecep to get enrolment status, am I wrong?

Being 3 courses away from the BACS I would like to lock that in.

1. Can I do a tecep for a course I already transferred from SL?
2. Can I withdraw and stay enrolled?
3 can I fail and still be enrolled?


All you have to do is register for a TECEP to become enrolled. It doesn't matter if you pass or fail the actual test, or whether or not you actually complete the TECEP at all as far as I know. I registered for the medical terminology TECEP for September term, became officially enrolled 10 days after the start of the term, and then withdrew a month into the term (so no refund) and remained enrolled.

Of course, I ended up registering for my November term Capstone course a month later, so I don't know if they would have rescinded my enrollment after the term ended or not. But my guess is that they would not have. The TECEP is still listed on my transcript as a Withdraw.
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(121.68 credits total. 95 credits earned in 10 months, with 45 of those earned in ~3 months)
I would do the Applied Liberal Arts Math TECEP, since it will probably be the easiest for you.

Also, you can take a TECEP for something you already have credit for - TESU will bounce the old course out to "other" as a duplicate, and keep the TECEP.
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