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TESU to medical school?
Hey guys,

Some background - i finished the TESU BA SS in 2017, WGU MBA in 2019, after my MBA I got a nice technical business role at a company that i'm enjoying so i've been slowly tackling the STD Comp Sci courses towards a 2nd BA in CS & Bio as well (CS classes almost done!).

Medical school is a long term goal of mine, might as well hack away at some pre-med courses too right? 

So i've completed some courses through the UCBx Post-Bacc Health Professions program. But man is it expensive! the cost of completing the prereqs through the Berkeley post-bacc program is a killer, $1200 a class, double that if you include labs.

Now the question: 
Would it be detrimental for med school admissions to complete the BA Biology AOS at TESU through SL/STD/CLEP*, to keep it cheap, then just take all the upper level biology/lab courses at UCBx?

UCBx has a severely robust offering for upper level biology, even a complete program called the Post-Bacc Advanced Biosciences program.

*sans ochem and other AOS classes that can't be completed via alternative testing/online classes.
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Woah, snap!  You're going for the same double major as I am at TESU!  Great job... here's a thread you might be interested in:

Question for you: What is your GPA so far?  At other institutions you've attended, TESU, and at WGU.  I ask because, this will be a major requirement they'll look at.  It's not a bad idea to get a BA Biology & Comp Sci if those are the fields you're interested in, but make sure to get good grades on anything that is graded.  Schools look at the overall GPA and also the last & most updated 60 credits in your educational journey to medical school.

You can take your requirements at several schools, Ocean Community College, Doane, UNE, etc.  I vouch for Logan University as they're $275/credit, so slightly cheaper than a few of those universities.  You may want to check out some threads in regards to taking the sciences through several schools - such as community college for the lower level credits and Doane/UNE, etc for the upper level credits.

BTW, how young are you now? I think it's a great idea! Do your alternative credits and only take the courses that can't be transferred in for cheap.  Your signature mentions a few Masters degree offerings, you may want to add U of Texas as well, they offer affordable Masters using MOOC as a medium, for $10K, they're probably Georgia Tech's main competition at that price range.
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First off, I am not an expert, so I could be wrong on this.

But I'm pretty sure your all your med school prereq science courses should be done via RA credit (not, CLEP,etc). Some med schools might accept AP for some of the LL reqs (ie intro to Bio with the AP Bio test) but other than that I don't think alt credit would work for med school.

So yes, could get a bio degree from TESU and use alt credit for electives and random courses but I think your best bet would be to have the key courses as actual graded courses.

Honestly, I am not sure if the BA in bio is necessary especially if it is too hard to get with all courses, maybe just get an associate's in bio instead and then transcribe on all your Science courses on a tesu transcript.

Some possibly cheaper options for sciences: (transcribing credit to Geneva University)

If I were you I'd look for at other threads about those who went to med school:
Have you checked out the wiki for more affordable credit options?
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I would not get a BA in Biology, as I don't think it's necessary. Med schools aren't generally looking at your major - they just want to see that you have your pre-reqs done. And I'd do them via RA credit only, not using anything else. And you MUST have labs.

If you have access to cheap CC, that's certainly the way to go.

If not, I'd look at Portage Learning ($198/cr, self-paced); Logan University ($275/cr, 15wk trimester courses); Doane University OpenLearning ($329/cr, 8wk courses); or UNE Online ($340/cr, self-paced).

I'd also start looking at all of the med schools you're interested in, and look at the pre-reqs, and see if they say anything about online science labs.
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