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TOFLE request for international studentes
As i can research in them websites, TESU and Excelsior ask for TOFLE (or similar english tests) for international students, but not COSC... it is correct?

My english level is good enough and i can pass the exam, but just want to know if i need it or not.
I got a e-mail yesterday from COSC. They asking for 650 on the paper version and 250 on the electronic version.
Not iBT. I dont get a answer why not.
Yes, all schools require an exam before they can admit you. They need to know your English level and see if you are prepared and well versed enough to understand the material and successfully pass the course. But don't dwell on it, work on other components of your degree while waiting for results...
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Got a email from COSC. They look at the iBT score.
TEST seem to be very adamant about the TOEFL requirement.
Excelsior has some interesting options like "Completion of at least 9 credit hours of academic work In courses delivered in English at an institution of higher education in the United States". Not sure if Straighterline course can be used.
That is a good one! I take a look on it. Thank you.
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Got a mail from Excelsior This policy is intended to relate to on-campus courses, completed within the US, so credits earned through Straighterline, and would not fulfill the English Proficiency Requirement.
TESU accepted my IELTS (general) score.

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My English is good too and I live and work in the USA, but I am scared of the TOEFL exam, so I completed a whole High school diploma online (Pen Foster).
(07-25-2019, 12:23 PM)msganti Wrote: My English is good too and I live and work in the USA, but I am scared of the TOEFL exam, so I completed a whole High school diploma online (Pen Foster).

How much and how long it takes you??

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