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Test out of TESC Managerial Communications?
Hi all,

Has anybody found a way to test out of the TESC Managerial Communications requirement for TESC BSBA degrees?

Thx, Mike
So far I haven't see any way to test out. I just sent an email inquiry to TESC to see if they will accept Business and Professional Speech Communication from my local community college. Hopefully that will work.
As a reference, for me they accepted the AST 205 Business Communications course listed here:

Administrative Support Technology Course Descriptions
I m edumakated thanx to distunce lerning.

MEd, Texas A&M University, 2018
MBA, University of North Dakota, 2014
MS, University of Illinois Springfield, 2010
BSBA, Thomas Edison State University, 2008
AS / AAS, Tidewater Community College, 2004
Thanks bawhitsett, that's encouraging. I'm waiting for an email response to my query as to whether they will accept that biz comm class from Portland Community College. The PCC course description is quite similar to your course description, so hopefully they will approve it.
Good news, they also accepted my community college class.
Not so good news, the quarter hour to semester hour conversion formula produced 2.67 semester hours for the 4 quarter hour class, which means it falls 0.33 hours short :mad: I have a phone appointment with an advisor next Tuesday. We will see what they say. Worst case I'll just take the PLA, but I didn't really want to do that.

66 History of US II
64 English Comp with Essay
61 Humanities
58 Prin. Marketing
64 Prin. Macroeconomics
61 Prin. Microeconomics
57 Western Civ II
74 Social Sciences
77 Analyze/Interpret Lit
63 Biology
66 Natural Sciences
72 College Math
78 Info Sys / Comp Apps
70 Prin. Mgmt
58 Pre-Calc
57 History of US I
65 Financial Acctng
62 Intro Biz Law
63 Prin. Statistics
60 Prin. Finance
67 Mgmt Info Sys
MCDBA done
MCSE 3 tests left

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