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The official guide to courses by Straighterline, Study, et al: We want YOUR input!
Provider: Sophia
Course: Ancient Greek Philosophers
Course content: 4 Challenges consisting of 5-9 lessons each, and one milestone.
Final exam format: 25 questions. Open book. NON PROCTORED.
Final exam content vs course content/practice exams: A little harder than the questions in the challenges. Nothing to sweat over.
Time taken on course: About 9 hours. (I started like an hour or so after I finished the OnlineDegree Psychology exam above - completed same day.)
Familiarity with subject before course: I mean I knew who Socrates was... 
Pitfalls, high points, things others should know: Ok. So I was really hesitant to take this course after reading the loads of negative reviews on Sophia saying it was "too hard" and everyone crying over the test questions were not in the material... People - grab a tissue. This course is easy AS BALLS. So what if there is not a video on every single lesson - there are several videos, and he just says exactly the same thing as the text says anyways... Course could be a little more engaging and entertaining I guess but c'mon - its Philosophy... *yawn* - In case you don't know, you can take a free course, and Sophia will send you a $50 coupon - use it to reduce this course's cost to $99 instead of $149. Well worth it for 3 easy credits - plus you get to learn some interesting stuff that will come up in almost every discipline (Aristotle). The final "exam" (really just a milestone) is NOT hard, just read the material and you will do just fine. PEACE.  Big Grin
1-10 Difficulty level: 1.5
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