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The official guide to self-study RA courses from ASU, BYU, UIdaho, etc.
Provider: ASU ULC
Course: CIS 310 - Business Data Visualization
Course content: The course is about data visualization and storytelling with Tableau and Excel. It is delivered through Canvas and consists of videos and slides. The required textbook is “Storytelling with data: a data visualization guide for business professionals by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic” . There are 7 modules, each consisting of 2-3 assignments, 1 Knowledge Quiz and 1 Reflective question. Modules 3, 5 and 7 have an Application Test (exam). Assignments are graded by either the professor or the assistant. Basically you have to create a chart in Excel or Tableau by following step by step instructions. Reflective questions require to post reflections on the discussion board and provide feedback to others. Knowledge Quizzes are timed (30 min), 25 questions with unlimited attempts. Questions may change between attempts but are always related to topics covered in the textbook. You can get extra bonus points if you are proactive in the discussion forum.
Exam format:  All the Application Tests are non-proctored, timed assignments (120-180 minutes) where you have to create charts in Excel or Tableau and answer some questions about the charts. You have one attempt and must score at least 85%. An additional attempt can be requested via email to improve the score, but the Professor will deduct points (don't now how many) for retaking the exam.
Exam content vs course content/practice exams: The course materials are comprehensive and provide all the resources needed to be successful.
Time taken on course: I spent between 16 and 24 hours per week. The course pace is fast and not very flexible. Due dates for assignments are every 1-2 days, and are unlocked just a few days before the deadline. Knowledge Quizzes can be completed beforehand.
Familiarity with subject before course (1-10): Excel: 2, Tableau: 0, Data Visualization and Story telling: 2
Pitfalls, high points, things others should know: some students complained about the grading method used. Often times questions account for 2.5 points each. Also, Application Tests’ minimum score is 85%. This means that on a test worth 30 points, with just 3 wrong answers you are out of the game, though you can still ask for an additional attempt. This can be frustrating.
Difficulty level (1-10): 5
Final grade: I think the course workload is pretty high. I do not recommend taking it in parallel with other assignment intensive courses. I thought I failed the final, however to my surprise I scored 49/50. The assignments and the extra bonus for involvement helped, so I ended up getting a 100%.
   Plan:  TESU BACS [110/122]
Credits: ASU [42]: AST111, ENG101, ENG102, MAT117, MAT170, CSE110, MAT210, CS105, BIO100, HST102, SES106, SOC101, ASM246
ALEKS [3]: Introduction to Statistics | CSMLearn [3]: The CSM Course | InstantCert [3]: American Government
Sophia [57]: Ancient Greek Philosophers, Approaches to Studying Religions, Art History I/II, Conflict Resolution, Environmental Science, Human Biology, Intro to Ethics/IT/Psycho./Soc./Stats, Project Management, Public Speaking, US History I/II, Visual Comm., Essentials of Managing Conflict, Developing Effective Teams, Student Success, Accounting | The Institutes [3]: Ethics | [24]: CS111, CS303, CS113, CS302, CS105, MATH108, CS306, CS201
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