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Thinking about going for WGU MBA
How hard is it? Are there tests or is it just projects?
An even mix. Six exams, six project based classes. (C207, the data class, requires both). It’s not a cakewalk, but honestly, it’s not bad. Closed book exams with proctoring, so you do have to study, and a good bit of writing. But it’s entirely doable.
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@mikehart82, as with most things that are subjective, it really depends on the student and their background, energy, time they put into their assignment and studies, if they have commitments that take a chunk of their time, there are so many various variables, it's really going to depend on the student. I suggest to read some reviews, not everyone is going to finish in one term of 6 months or less but many have as they've created a support system for themselves - good study habits, great time management, previous knowledge.
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One terming the MBA or MSML is a lot easier for those with a business undergrad. Can be done without it, but sure makes it easier.
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