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Thinking of transfering to Excelsior...
Okay...I am thinking of transfering to Excelsior from Strayer. I have officially applied and I am in the process of transfering in my prior schooling. I have about 60 hours of random credits, mostly in music, from my 2 years at another college.

I am going for the BS Business-Finance degree...I just completed the DSST Principles of Supervision...while I am waiting for all of my credits to be transfered in...what test should I go for next that I will definetly need and likely not get credit for...remember, I have no prior busines classes, took a couple of math, one english, some lit classes. I just don't want to study for something that I'm not going to need. Any advise would be appreciated...
DSST Principles of Statistics? Nasty but necessary.
[SIZE="1"]CLEP exams passed:
Management, Accounting, Marketing, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics

DSST exams passed:
Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, Statistics, Management Information Systems

B.A. in Business Administration: Technology Management from Saint Leo University

M.S. in Leadership: Business Ethics from Duquesne University [/SIZE]
You could take Business Law, Marketing, Management for CLEP and Finance, Financial Accounting, Intro to Business, Personal Finance, Management Information Systems for DSST. As for the math portion, I think you need up to Pre-Calculus or higher. I could be wrong though. Good Luck!
[COLOR="DimGray"]Intro to World Religions 68
Social Science and History 60
Principles of Statistics 60
Western Civilization I 58
Intro to Sociology 55
Astronomy 54
Technical Writing 54
Humanities 50
College Composition 50[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]C Programming - C
Electronic Instrumentation and Control - A
War and American Society - A
International Economics - A
Calculus II - B[/COLOR]
I achieved much of my credit through music as well--though not as much as you. Check the info I just posted in response to a similar question and see if any of it is helpful to you. Click here!
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[SIZE="6"]EC All The Way!!![/SIZE]
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