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Total Cost of UMPI Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
(06-22-2022, 11:51 PM)dfrecore Wrote:
(06-22-2022, 11:16 PM)EducationSeeker Wrote: Since you mention that you would advise someone to *not* take the lab science requirement at Sophia, would you recommend my son take it at Another poster had recommended that he could take Biology 101L (lab course) through relatively quickly in like under 1 month. Would you agree that BIO101L would be a good course to take through at UMPI? Will UMPI permit *any* Science Lab class (like Weather)? My son did take the Weather class and still has to take the lab. The lab is 15 weeks which is a comparatively long time compared to under 1 month for the lab class.

Sophia doesn't have a lab science course, so that's why is suggested.  The good thing with taking it at SDC is that you pay for a month, and take the Bio 101 course; then you have 4 months (?) to take the virtual lab.  So you could do the Bio and 1 other course, then do the lab.

I think UMPI will permit any science w/lab, as long as it's from the same school (so you can't take weather from school A and then the Weather lab from school B).  But 15 weeks is pretty long.

There has not been a poll; however, it is safe to guess per this forum that most have taken or suggested taking the Biology with Lab at My sister and I took it there and completed it in one month. My little brother (freshman in HS) has the aspiration to become a doctor, took the course as well,  and finished it twice in one month. The course is structured well, and the virtual lab piece is cool.
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