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Transfer 33 Graduate Credits - Excelsior MPA
(11-25-2017, 07:09 PM)cardiacclep Wrote: If a MPA is what you want I would shop around for cheaper tuition unless of course you have excellent tuition assistance. I am doing my MPA at Arkansas State U online with tuition at $294 an hour compared to Excelsior at $645 if my quick glance at their website is accurate.  I can't understand how a situation would occur to where someone would almost complete a full MPA program just to transfer to Excelsior. Also, Excelsior is not NASPAA accredited which could affect your chances at internships or some jobs in governments if that is a concern.  Not to slam Excelsior but there are cheaper perhaps better options out there. 

Check out this list:

I agree with going with a cheaper, NASPAA-accredited program. It wouldn't make sense to start at a cheap school and then transfer to Excelsior. Transferring in this many credits is only worth it if you somehow already have training evaluated at the graduate level in public administration, which would be rare. IACBE accreditation almost has no worth when it comes to public administration, so I don't know why this keeps getting used as selling point.
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(11-20-2017, 11:30 PM)bjcheung77 Wrote:
oMegatron Wrote:This is awesome. I will definitely check out Hodges, I love the competency based model. Thanks!

I noticed you're almost done with your MBA from WGU.  Is MPA necessary?  It's mainly for individuals wanting to be working in the public sector.  What is your final goal?  If you are going to get an MPA, both Excelsior and Hodges are IACBE accredited.  

Even though you can transfer so many credits into the MPA at Excelsior, I think the Upower program at Hodges might be a better fit for you since you'll be somewhat familiar with the competency-based degree models, probably cheaper/easier/faster.

For more info on Hodges and their program see my posting here about them:

Thanks for the information. I was just surprised that any graduate level program would allow the transfer of 33 hours! I have never heard of anything like this.  Yes. I am completing the MBA Capstone at WGU now and will be done with the program in the next few weeks.  An MPA is not necessary but prior to enrolling in the MBA program at WGU, I took some graduate-level coursework in Public Policy at my brick and mortar, so if I could get another degree, from taking two classes, why not! Really, I just wanted to spread the information, if anyone was indeed interested. Thanks for the response.
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(11-14-2017, 07:05 AM)oMegatron Wrote:
(11-14-2017, 06:46 AM)Ideas Wrote: Most of the graduate courses like VESi and Sophia are for education degrees. I don't think we know of any non-education degrees where you do a real chunk of the degree in that way.

However, you can do an MPA through a competency program like Hodges. They charge $3500 per term for an unlimited amount. If someone goes fast, they might be able to do it in 1 term.

This is awesome. I will definitely check out Hodges, I love the competency based model. Thanks!

If you COULD get your credits done at Hodges, why wouldn't you graduate from Hodges? What would be the advantage of transferring to EC at that point?
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I am curious. Has anyone actually been able to get the MPA at Hodges done within the 6 months of a single term?
(12-22-2017, 08:53 AM)eriehiker Wrote: I am curious. Has anyone actually been able to get the MPA at Hodges done within the 6 months of a single term?

Yup, a husband, and a wife team did the MPA, each of them finished in a term. I wonder who has done the MIS within 1 term.
See my post on them -
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(12-22-2017, 08:41 AM)cookderosa Wrote: If you COULD get your credits done at Hodges, why wouldn't you graduate from Hodges?  What would be the advantage of transferring to EC at that point?

IIRC, EC is a state university whilst Hodges is private. That might be one way to sort of launder your credits into something with a better pedigree.

EDIT: Was incorrect, as pointed out by JSD. Leaving post to ensure clarity.
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EC is a private non-profit.

Not that it really matters, would anyone really want some private non-profit university like Harvard over the much more prestigious state University that is TESU?? Wink
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