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Trying to make the most out of my situation
None of the options mentioned thus far require anything to be done on specific dates. Ironically, CLEP and DSST are actually some of the least flexible in this regard. You must set up a proctoring date ahead of time in order to take these exams. TECEPs are similar but they can be taken "at home" and don't require you to be at a specific test center at a specific time., Davar, and Sophia all allow you to complete courses 100% on your own schedule and whenever you have free time.

UMPI classes are 100% self-paced. Finish them on your own timeline. Pay per 2-month term which works out to approximately $700/mo.

TESU, COSC, and EC all have the capstone & cornerstone courses that must be taken and that are not really self-paced at all. With TESU, though, if I am reading the catalog correctly, you wouldn't have to pay additional fees to have a course extension as long as you can show deployment dates:

Again, actual CLEP exams and DSST exams are among the most difficult and least flexible ways to gain credit. Give Sophia a try. With the code Back2School, the first month is 1/2 price at $40.
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(09-20-2021, 06:42 PM)RyuHoshi Wrote: The thing is that my unit that I am stationed at in Fort Stewart tend do go to the field a lot and I don't think that they will allow me some leeway when have to go to the field and I am needing to take a test at a certain time. That is one of the main reasons that i don't want to use any of my GI bill at this point. I just rather take as much CLEP/DSST as I can. I just want to save my benefits for a master's degree program in the future. It's not because I am trying to be frugal in anyway. I just know that there is a big possibility that I will miss out on important dates and tests if I were to use my benefits and go to a school that wasn't accepting as many CLEP exams as I can take. What would be my best option.

Not sure what the rules are for active-duty military in terms of setting up specific dates/times for CLEP and/or DSST exams - as a non-military person, I definitely had to do that.  So this makes it a bit more difficult to do.

Instead, I might look at Sophia,, Coopersmith (depending on school), etc.

If you don't want to do any RA courses, then EC is your best bet.  If you can take TECEP's or UExcel's (both of which require you to schedule exams), then you can go to any of the Big 3.
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