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UL Finance Credit for TESU
Hi all,

I am thinking of pursuing an Undergraduate certificate with Bachelors at TESU. These are the courses required for it according to TESU's website:
  • Corporate Finance or International Economics
  • Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Students select nine(9) credits from the following
  • Advanced Security Analysis & Portfolio Management (3)
  • International Finance & Trade (3)
  • Principles of Finance (3)
  • Public Finance (3)
  • Risk Management (3)

I am under the impression that other UL Finance classes can also be counted towards this degree, since my advisor told me that FIN-314 (Small Business Finance) can count towards this cert. My current plan is to take Corporate Finance, International Finance & Trade and Principles of Finance through Davar Academy, and Financial Institutions and Markets, Small Business Finance and Security Analysis and Portfolio Management through

Does anyone know of affordable sources of UL Finance credit other than those two? I know Penn Foster and CSU-Global have some UL Finance credit options, but Davar and have been the most cost-friendly options I have found.
Pursuing B.S. in Data Science & Analytics (108/120cr), B.A. in Computer Science (102cr/120cr) and Mathematics (101/120cr) at TESU
I did ECO 300: Money and Banking at Ed4Credit. It transferred in as ECO-231, but counted in the electives for the finance certificate. I remember this class as being very difficult and it is expensive at regular price, but I had a half off coupon.

The DSST Money and Banking exam would probably be a better alternative to the Ed4Credit class. It is definitely upper level. If I remember correctly, it doesn't duplicate the Ed4Credit class if that becomes important.

The Davar classes are definitely the first option for all the classes you mention.

I also took these two TECEPs at TESU, but now has these classes. It is still an alternative option if you need it.

FIN-321 TE100 Security Anal & Portfolio Mgt

FIN-331 TE100 Financial Inst. and Mrkts.

Here is a copy of my current unofficial evaluation from MyEdison:

Program Requirements:
1: Certificate in Finance (Complete)
SH Earned: 18 GPA Achieved/Needed: none / 2.000 Complete all 4 subrequirements:

A: Corporate/Intl 3 SH (Complete)
*must earn a grade of C/CR or better
For TESU course options, go to ECO-490 International Economics

This requirement is beyond Principles of Finance or Business Finan ce.
Source Course Title Term Grade SH TESU # Notes
1 FIN-311 Corporate Finance 07/10/17 CR 3.00 FIN-311
B: Institutions 3 SH (Complete)
*must earn a grade of C/CR or better
For TESU course options, go to FIN-331 Financial Institutions and Markets
Source Course Title Term Grade SH TESU # Notes
2 FIN-331 Financial Inst. and Mrkts. 2017DEC CR 3.00
C: Security Anlys 3 SH (Complete)
*must earn a grade of C/CR or better
For TESU course options, go to FIN-321 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Source Course Title Term Grade SH TESU # Notes
2 FIN-321 Security Anal & Portfolio Mgt 2017DEC CR 3.00
D: Finance Electvs 9SH (Complete)
*must earn grades of C/CR or better
Topics include principles of finance or business finance, advanced security analysis and po rtfolio management, international finance and trade, public budgeting and finance, risk management.

For TESU and other c ourse options, please contact an Advisor
!! Exception course allowed
SH Earned: 9
Source Course Title Term Grade SH TESU # Notes
3 ECO-231 Intro to Money and Banking 12/26/17 CR 3.00 ECO-231
1 FIN-334 International Finance 06/13/17 CR 3.00 FIN-334
1 FIN-301 Principles of Finance 06/12/17 CR 3.00 FIN-301
University of Michigan, 1997, BA Ed.; Teaching Cert.: English/Social Sciences
Marygrove College, 2003, MAT: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
TESU, 2018, BSBA: Accounting/CIS; ASNSM: Math/Comp. Sci.; Certs: Finance, Org. Lead., Ops. Man., Marketing
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, 2018, Grad. Cert.: Economics Ed.; 18 Grad. Credits - Economics
Harvard University Extension, 2019, Poetry in America Series; 20 Grad. Credits - English

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