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UMemphis Free Course: Adulting 101
(12-05-2020, 10:45 AM)eriehiker Wrote:

This is the current free course: College Prep.

As Ray Cathode mentioned, these courses are of limited value in terms of credit.  This current one is worth three credits at $75 per credit.  However, it is really meant as a teaser to enter the program.  Whether a person could get these credits onto a transcript without taking additional courses is questionable.  At $75 per credit hour, and given the mostly very general topics, the ROI is just not there.

That said, I think that these classes are probably perfect for many students fresh out of high school and/or people who have no experience with college and want to test it out for free from a reputable university.  Of course, that is the target audience, so applause to U of Memphis for creating these things.

agreeing and adding.

Agreeing that for lower level credit, the ROI is not there at all. College Prep course is pretty much along the lines of a course that sophia has with "college readiness".  The program that U of M is doing is in mind for those who have some college credit and never finished.  And yes, it is a nice thing U of M is doing to have ability to test drive.  Except for ability to turn in any assignments, and other things with online classes.......  hmmm...  

If (and that's a big IF) the adulting 101 class actually was graded and credit given as UNIV or MRCH 4300, that might be a nice value for upper level.  But there's no guarantee that is what will happen if the goal is to transfer to Big 3. Just speaking in theory here, not with experience. If one could get just transcripted for the UL courses (Baseball one, Family Resource Management, or the other COMM ones that are not free), that could be helpful. Several of these types of UL courses in the TN ecampus system (which is more than just U of M involved and is beyond the scope of my post) with the UNIV prefix for the course have transferred to TESU according to the equivalencies transfer on tesu site. And came in with liberal studies UL equivalency. With all of that said, in my opinion, it is too expensive per credit hour at regular rates even for in state. Otherwise, I might have done one of them this summer for credit. But I could get through coopersmith and SDC quicker and less cost.  But it was just too much per credit hour to go through U of M.  I wasn't financial aid eligible with grants for them.

Still, the value was personal enrichment in our family. and the credit for degree value was found elsewhere.

go tigers go. Smile
TESU: BALS coming soon…. Comm Coll: 24 credits,  CLEP: 36 credits,  Institutes (3), Sophia (29), TEEX(3 UL, 7 LL), Coopersmith (6 UL), SDC (6 UL) sos110 done. working on capstone


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