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Udacity 50% off 2019 pricing - Ends 15th Jan 11:59PST
(01-14-2020, 06:00 PM)bluebooger Wrote: I did the Artificial Intelligence with Python nanodegree last year and liked it a lot  
then in December I started the Data Analytics nanodegree --- it was SO BORING --- I was forcing myself to watch more than one video a day and answer more than one question a day from the assignments 
the nanodegree was so boring and I just didn't have the discipline to do it 
so I ended up cancelling after 3 weeks

I was considering trying out some of the courses in the Data Science career track. Data Analytics is one of the Nanodegrees/Courses suggested for that track. If it is as boring as you say, I don't know that I'm that interested in it either.

Of course, I don't have time to start on the course right now and considering the sale ends today I probably won't have the chance to pick up anything.
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(01-14-2020, 05:34 PM)bjcheung77 Wrote: So, I bought the AI Product Manager Nanodegree as it starts today!  It requires a minimum 5-10 hours/week for two months. That's just 40-80 hours or so, I hope to finish it in less than a month as I pay the Monthly fee instead of the default 2 months.  Basically, I got this one because it hits both of my interests - Artificial Intelligence and Product Management.

Question: There are multiple nanodegrees I am interested in, but can't start them all in one month, can I order them today and then start one after I am complete with the other? Like Staggering them one after the other?

And Oops - LOL, Carla is a bot!  It was Sherry who was really helpful and I got to chat with her again today.
Her reply: As soon as you enroll, your program will get started right away! We suggest enroll when you're ready to study.

Then I got my hands on the Data Streaming Nanodegree which also starts today! It has the same recommended time frame of 2 months of 5-10 hours/week.  I think I can complete this in a months time as well, so just purchased the monthly deal.  

I am eyeing my third purchase right now, haven't pulled the trigger, I think I want the Data Analytics Nanodegree as well.  It starts Jan 21, but has a 4 month estimated time of completion, 10 hours/week.  I'll decide by the end of the day.  I think if I "hack it quickly", I can finish the first two in a month, but this one will take me another month at the earliest or fastest...

So, how many did you purchase?

I make two purchase and Sherry told me to make sure that I can handle them. Rolleyes

EDIT: I think the sale is extended. But I don't know until when the sale takes place.
I only bought two, the AI Product Manager and the Data Streaming. I put the Data Analyst one on hold for now, will probably do that one after these two or whenever they have another sale. I don't think I can handle three at once, even though the Data Analyst can probably be slowly completed within two months time. Basically, going to put in roughly 40/60 of my energy/time into these two nanodegrees, I will need more time for the Data Streaming as it's slightly more technical in nature.
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Udacity sale got extended sale. It did not show when it will expire.
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I've been interested in UX but never done anything like that. Does anyone have experience with their UX Design track? DO you think you need a tech background? It sounds interesting!

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