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University of Lynchburg Transformation
I hate seeing any legitimate institution suffer for any reason.

I wonder:
1. Does every tertiary institution of learning have to call itself a university?
2. What is the right amount of programs of study?
3. At what point does the tertiary education market place become oversaturated? The Commonwealth of Virginia and the greater Lynchburg area itself are a case in point.
4. Will the number of distance learning only tertiary institutions displace the number of traditional bricks and mortar ones. 

I'm praying for and wishing the best for everyone involved with the University of Lynchburg.
Chief Petty Officer
United States Navy (Retired)
Navigating the ever-changing terrain of tertiary education can be complex. As institutions evolve and online learning becomes more prevalent, it's natural to question the saturation of the market and the quality of programs offered.
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