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Unofficial DegreeForum Wiki - Credit by Exam info, Degree Plans, etc
I'm not one of the gurus for this degree, but as a starting point (course names may vary):

Required Courses:

Operations Management (TECEP or
Total Quality Management (CSU Global CBE): Verify with an advisor that this will meet the Quality Assurance required class

Electives (need 4)

Project Management (CSU Global CBE or
Leadership in Operations Management (CSU Global CBE)
Supply Chain Management (CSU Global CBE or
Financial Performance in Operations Management (CSU Global CBE)
(05-14-2018, 04:52 PM)Echo419 Wrote: Does anybody have a current degree plan for BSBA operations management/? I have about 67 credits completed and the next 20+ planned out...But i am having issues finding alternatives for TESU required classes ( area of study )
If it's that much more complicated or expensive i can probably switch to general management.

You need to create a new thread for this.
TESU BSBA in HR, 2018
GGU Cert in Management, 2000

EXAMS: TECEP Tech Writg, Engl Comp 2, LA Math, Public Rel, Computers  DSST Computers, Pers Fin  CLEP Mgmt, Mktg
COURSES: TESU Capstone Pers Fin, Microecon, Stats  Ed4Credit Acct 2  PF Fin Mgmt  ALEKS Int Alg, Coll Alg  Sophia Proj Mgmt The Institutes - Ins Ethics  Kaplan PLA
B&M COURSESPalomar CollMission Coll, Golden Gate Univ, San Jose State Univ
Update FYI: Degreeforum Wiki page has now moved to
BSBA CIS & GM - Journey & Progress (General Management complete, working on CIS)
BALS NSM & Planning for Masters (BALS complete, going for NSM AOS using CIS/CS UL)

ASNSM Biology: Remaining - NMJC Biology II+Lab
ASNSM Math: Remaining - Calculus
Cert Accounting: Complete (Part of BSBA GM)

Note: Updating courses remaining by following forum advice, guide, spreadsheet & wiki. 
Taking a majority of credits at StraighterLine and to finish these degrees
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(07-18-2018, 05:47 PM)Lewis.Yim Wrote: Update FYI: Degreeforum Wiki page has now moved to

oh man thanks so much for putting this update over here. I was about to lose my mind when I saw the Wikia page was closed  Blush

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