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WGU BS in Health and Human Services
WGU's former BS in Health Care Coordination was revised in December 2022 into a new BS in Health and Human Services. Landing page, Program Guide.

The program design includes "field experience" delivered online using simulation.

I think this program is underappreciated on DF to date and it should be in the consideration set for domestic students interested in a competency-based bachelor's applying psychology and social sciences, health science, and healthcare management.
I will say the new name is much better than the old.
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Hmm... Haven't reviewed their webpage in a long time... I forget, is this is a merger of two programs like what they've done with the Masters in Education? Or is this just a rename of the degree program? I think it's the latter...
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I don't understand the pathophysiology/pharmacolgy aspect of the program. Usually, patho is a 2 full semester course that requires 2 sem of Gen Bio with lab and 2 sem A&P with lab prior to entry. Not sure if this is a watered version of the course, but I don't understand its purpose along with pharmacology in this context. I have taken probably 8 semesters' worth of pharmacology in my scholastic career and I have no idea what one quarter/sem is supposed to teach you in a meaningful way (when you won't be prescribing or administering them).

Otherwise, the degree looks well suited for someone wanting to work in public health, DSHS, advocacy non-profits etc or a starter for a MHA.
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