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WGU Texas - new option for Texas residents
Texas Online University - Texas Online Degrees - WGU Texas

It was announced last week. They even have a BSN-RN program. For IT degrees, they accept a lot of industry certifications.
63 CLEP Sociology
75 CLEP U.S. History II
63 CLEP College Algebra
70 CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
68 DSST Technical Writing
72 CLEP U.S. History I
77 CLEP College Mathematics
470 DSST Statistics
53 CLEP College Composition
73 CLEP Biology
54 CLEP Chemistry
77 CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications
I heard about that last week or so. The only difference is that Texans can now get Texas grants and scholarships for the school. It's exactly the same as the original WGU and its Indiana and Washington offshoots.
I am in Texas and interested in this. Is this school similar to the "big 3" meaning do they have a maximum of transfer/test credit?
It's hard to compare WGU to most schools. It is competency based. Someone who's actually attended might be able to give a better answer. I don't know how they apply CLEPs, Dantes, and similar credits. But this school is nothing new. WGU has been around for a few years now and it's starting to create offshoots in other states that are exact clones. You can attend any of them and pay the same tuition rate, except, I think one of them gives a slight discount to residents. I didn't see anywhere on the Texas website that it gives a discount to Texas residents. The tuition rate is the same as at the original school. There are no brick and mortar campuses. The only advantage I see with these offshoots is qualifying for in-state grants.
It's also available for some other states. Apparently there's one for Georgia as well!

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