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Well I tried Shoomp...
Gotta try them all!

I saw a few threads about Shoomp and decided to try it. I got the free trial and did a few exams and sampled some courses. I wasn't impressed. Also, since TESU doesn't take it and I'm an enrolled TESU student there is no point to take them. Well, at least now I can say I tried them. I canceled before the 24 hours were so I didn't get charged at all. And trust me it didn't take long to figure out Shoomp isn't for me. But I gotta say for COSC unlimited courses for 90/month is a steal. Perhaps if someone knowledgeable was unemployed they might be able to do the entire Shoomp catalog in a month, which would be a really good deal.

Does anyone know if StraighterLine offers any sort of free trial where I can just try it to see what it is like? It is one of the only onlys left I haven't tried yet.

I've either earned credit, attempted credit or at least did some sort of free trial with: clep, dsst,, aleks, sophia, saylor, teex, csm, davar, onlinedegree and shoomp. Besides Straigherline, coopersmith and tecep I don't think I'm missing any of the other most popular options am I?

As a bonus I've also done traditional college work in the following formats: day classes, night classes, blended (half online/half in person), self-paced online and traditional online (in 7, 12 and 15 week formats).

I think I've almost done it all. What about you guys?
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SL has a free trial, not sure of the specifics but you can look into it further if you wanna take a jab at it:
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I have earned credit through CLEP (Modern States), DSST,, ALEKS, Sophia, Saylor, TEEX, Davar, OnlineDegree, Shmoop, Straighterline, TECEP, CSU-Global CBE, AP, competency-based online, traditional online, and traditional B&M. I also did the brief free courses at The Institutes and National Fire Academy.

I plan to do Coopersmith and UExcel soon, and may do at least one TESU e-Pack early next year.

I've done online courses at a bunch of schools including Harvard Extension School. Will probably be enrolling at different schools in the future. I also enrolled at and checked out the Nations U program because I was seriously thinking of doing a degree there.

Plus I took a subject GRE to get a bunch of relatively-quick credit at ESC or COSC, but never ended up enrolling there (and was planning to get a lot of credit for professional certifications too). FEMA could have been credit if I wanted to pay for transcription. Sadly, I also started a for-credit ACE course at EdX but it was too difficult for me because I had forgotten too much math. (That opportunity for many cheap credits was only available for a limited time. I also regret not doing a couple more weeks at Shmoop, but I was pretty busy.)

UExcel is not that common anymore. CSU-Global CBE is on the more expensive side, but they have some good UL courses. ACTFL seems somewhat popular because it gave so many credits quickly, but I'm not good with a foreign language. Ed4Credit doesn't seem popular, but I think they have a quick science lab for COSC students.

I would be curious to try Align Degree, InstantCert courses, and others, but may skip the more expensive undergrad ones. I am unsure about doing the graduate self-paced credits, since most are EDU prefix. There are some other interesting inexpensive ones (found by eriehiker). Even though I don't need the credit, I'd like to do CSM to re-learn some math. I'm impressed by the reviews on this forum and I'm curious. I would like to do a PLA portfolio even if I don't need it.

I have also beta-tested courses and done some other work. My Masters is in Education (Tech), as I planned to go into this segment of business and utilize my prior knowledge, but I am still figuring out some things.
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