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Western Civilization I & II CLEP
Does anyone have good study suggestions for the Western Civilization CLEPs? Business related CLEPs as well as US History have been a breeze but for some reason I am not retaining the topics that well when reading the REA study guide.
Resource: The Western Tradition
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CLEP: A&I Lit 74 ~ Am Lit 73 ~ Eng Lit 72 ~ Humanities 75 ~ College Math 77 ~ Western Civ I 63 ~ Western Civ II 69 ~ Natural Sci 64 ~ US History I 76 ~ US History II 69 ~ Sociology 68 ~ Am Gov 69 ~ Social Sci & Hist 71 ~ College Comp 61 ~ Marketing 70 ~ Management 66 ~ Psychology 67

DSST: Supervision 453 ~ Tech Writing 61 ~ Computing 427 ~ Middle East 65 ~ Soviet Union 65 ~ Vietnam War 74 ~[COLOR="#0099cc"] Civil War 68

[/COLOR]Other: College+ Biblical Social Justice B ~ ECE World Conflicts Since 1900 A

TESC courses: Capstone A ~ Leaders in History A ~ Photography 101 A- ~ Games People Play A ~ International Relations A- ~ Mass Communications I A

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I took Western Civ I last week and just barely passed with a 50. It's a difficult one but I'd suggest taking the practice exams in the REA book and seeing where you're at. If I recall correctly a 50/120 raw score on the REA practice tests is roughly equivalent to a scaled passing 50 on the actual CLEP. The practice exams are very similar to the actual CLEP.

There were a few questions where you are given a map and asked which civilization controlled the shaded land during a certain time period similar to the ones shown in the book but there were only 3 or 4 of these questions so I wouldn't worry about those at all.

The other questions I found difficult were descriptions of someone's life and accomplishments where you matched the person who was being described.
(10-25-2014, 09:06 AM)Banker214 Wrote: Does anyone have good study suggestions for the Western Civilization CLEPs? Business related CLEPs as well as US History have been a breeze but for some reason I am not retaining the topics that well when reading the REA study guide.
I adore history, read about it and watch documentaries for fun. I bought a Western Civ I college textbook and the REA CLEP guide to study, as I have for every other CLEP I've taken. Even after all that I was intimidated enough by the scope of material on the CLEP to just take the courses through Straighterline. It was less stressful.
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Women's Lit  87%  Shakespeare's Plays  87%
Western Civ I  93%  Intro to Nutrition  87%  Macroecon  86%  Microecon  90%
Intro to Environmental Science  89%  Western Civ II  91%   Intro to Religion  98%
Cultural Anthropology  95%  US History I  90%  US History II  93%
Intro to Communication  93%  Organizational Behavior  91%
Personal Finance  98%  History of the Vietnam War  97%  Abnormal Psychology  94%
Social Psychology  92%  Civil War & Reconstruction  87%   Human & Cultural Geography  94%
Aging & Society  97%
Capstone  100%
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