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What Happens Next: The Future of College (Short Documentary)
Short documentary on the future of online and modern education.

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I'm halfway through watching this and it's an excellent documentary so far.
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Excellent video.  Bottom line up front is...............Life Long Learning. Big Grin
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Excellent documentary! I think TESU has struck on the right mission statement: ‘Life long learning’. I can attest to this fact that today’s world requires constant renewal of skills. Two of my cousins are back in Business school for a 3 month crash course this year- after 20 years. Many other friends are pursuing short online courses. My 73 year old father takes Autocad lessons online, once every year or so. He likes to keep himself updated on the latest developments, so he can consult his clients better for machine designing!!!
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I shared the link to this on social media.  It hopefully planted the seeds so people think differently about education.  Lord knows we need a huge overhaul of education on every level in the USA.
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